Fabrication Area
Covered workshop with state-of-the-art equipment for cutting,piping, fabrication of steel plate, beam and pope spools etc., pre-assembly work and assembly of structural,skid etc.

Office Building
Stratigically located in the yard premises, prefabricated portable type offices are also available.

For load out of structure modules as well as off-loading and loading of material and equipment. Sufficient bulkhead and adequate water depth for berthing of barges and other vessels.
Power Supply
As oil and gas sources are depleting and energy crises soaring, DAS has taken initiative for Alternative Energy sources. To eliminate dependence on Govt Power Supply,DAS is commissioning 100 MW Wind Power Farm in the land adjacent to the Yard, thus ensuring uninterrupted power supply.
Water Supply
In view of the water shortages as well as distribution difficulties from Govt. DAS has taken to construct its own DAM with a water storage capacity 1500000ltrs. This ensures sufficient water for its plant activities as well as uninterrupted water supply to its staff colony and other facilities created.
For emergency or quick transportation / access to and from site, enabling faster reach to platforms.